Minsk Sea (Minskoye More Lake)


Minsk Sea (Minskoye More Lake)

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From the center of Minsk, take the highway Minsk - Molodechno (journey time is about 25 minutes). 

Another option is a train service from the Minsk railway station in the direction of Molodechno to the stop "Minskoye More".


Official name: Zaslavskoye reservoir
Local name: Minskoye More (translated into English as: Minsk Sea)
Length: 10 km
Width: 4.5 km
Area: 31.1 km²
Deepest point: 8 m
Average depth: 3.5 m

Minsk residents call the Zaslavskoye reservoir Minskoye More ["Minsk Sea"]. It is the second largest artificial lake [water reservoir] in Belarus, just 10 kilometers away from the Belarus capital.

The man-made sea was created here in 1956, although the idea appeared much earlier - after the 1931 flooding in Minsk had led to casualties. Every spring the river Svislach broke its banks and flooded large areas of ​​Minsk.

The reservoir was to solve this problem.

A strong explosion ripped the silence in the village Gonoles, near Minsk, on May 9, 1953. However, these were not fireworks, as locals thought. Work to create the reservoir began.

Two carloads of explosives arrived in Minsk to clear silt from the surface to build the waterworks facility in Minsk.

The project was completed ahead of schedule. It was personally supervised by he the General Secretary of the Communist Party of the USSR Nikita Khrushchev. A unique concrete technology for the dam held back 200,000m3 of water.

Previously a bog peat mill and a small village Zarechye-1 with fifty houses was located on the site of Minskoye More Lake. The village was moved closer to the Zhdanovichi market.

Almost all residents of the village agreed to move except for one old lady. Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Belarusian Soviet Socialist Republic Kirill Mazurov came to persuade the old woman.

But she gave up only after water began to trickle out from under the floor of the house.

By the way, hardly had Minskoye More Lake appeared when Americans spread the rumor that the reservoir near Minsk is designed for testing of nuclear submarines.

This information was even voiced at the Congress of the World Peace Council in Stockholm, after which envoys from many countries came to Minsk to debunk the myth.

In addition to its strategic importance in terms of water supply, Minskoye More is a favorite summer destination for Minsk citizens.

There is the sanatorium and health complex "Yunost", several dispensaries, equipped beaches on Minskoye More's shores. Vacationers can rent a boat, kayak or take a ride on a water bike.

It is also a great place for fishing (bream, perch, roach and other fish).