Domracheva voted Sportswoman of the Year in Belarus


Domracheva voted Sportswoman of the Year in Belarus

The newspaper Sportivnaya Panorama has summed up the traditional voting to determine the winners of the sports year in Belarus.

The poll among sports journalists from print and electronic media has been held for the 56th time. Some 106 respondents voted for the best athletes of the year, the best coach and the two teams (in playing and non-playing sports). 

Three-time Sochi Olympic champion Darya Domracheva became the best. She was 181 points ahead of the nearest competitor.

Biathlete Darya Domracheva: Hero of Belarus

Freestyle skier Alla Tsuper became second best athlete.  This fragile freestyle skier dominated the World Cup stage. Her surname is traditionally rhymed with the prefix super. At official competitions Alla was desperately unlucky. Tired of injuries and setbacks after Vancouver, Tsuper decided to retire.   However, she returned to win the main title. For this, she had to master triple somersault - with three twists, which helped the ski acrobat make her dream come true.

Alla's colleague Anton Kushnir became the best athlete in the men's nomination.

At the Games in Sochi, he started from seventh place in qualifying, which did not make it possible for him to directly qualify for the next round. Anton settled things in the next attempt. In the first and second final rounds Kushnir took second and third places. In the Super Final, he took a serious risk deciding to make a triple somersault with five twists. And he did brilliantly. Its result - 134.5 points - was a record for the Olympics. 

Biathlete Nadezhda Skardino took fourth place.  In Sochi, she had a great individual race winning bronze. In addition, last season Nadezhda set a shooting accuracy world record. She did not miss 110 targets in a row. Skardino is second to none in this respect.

Athlete Andrei Kravchenko is fifth.  In Poland's Sopot he updated his national record in the heptathlon, bringing it up to 6,303 points. In August, Andrei became European champion in the decathlon for the first time in his career with the world's best result of the season: 8,616 points.

Gymnast Melitina Stanyuta is sixth. At the FIG World Cups, she churned awards like a machine. Thanks to this, she settled in third position in the ball and clubs standings and was second in the hoop and ribbon ranking. Melitina also scooped silver in the all-round at the European Championship in Baku. In addition, Stanyuta made a significant contribution to the team's silver in Izmir.

Athlete Marina Arzamasova undoubtedly left a great impression. In the spring, at the World Championships in Sopot, she made it to the top three in one of the most spectacular events - 800m. At the end of the summer, in Zurich, she became European champion, running two laps with Europe's season best - 1:58.15.

Last year's best athlete of the year in Belarus - captain of the Belarusian handball team and one of the leaders of Spain's Barcelona Sergei Rutenko took eighth place.  As part of Barcelona, Sergei became the champion of Spain for the seventh time.

Ninth position belongs to swimmer Evgeny Tsurkin, who confirmed his role as the leader of the men's team. This season he won gold at the 2014 LEN European Swimming Championships. In 2012, the athlete took bronze at the same championship. Evgeny is among Belarus' main hopes ahead of the Olympic Games in Rio.

Road bicycle racer Alena Amialiusik also made it into the top ten. This year, at the end of the World Cup, she was recognized the best mountain racer.

Nikolai Kozeko (freestyle) was named the best coach of 2014. His charges, Anton Kushnir and Alla Tsuper achieved great successes in Sochi.

The national rhythmic gymnastics team were named Team of the Year in Belarus. The men's handball team tops the list of teams involved in playing sports. Belarus advanced to the 2015 World Men's Handball Championship Finals.