FC Dinamo Minsk fans banned from matches in Italy for 5 years


FC Dinamo Minsk fans banned from matches in Italy for 5 years

47 fans of Dinamo Minsk have been banned from visiting matches in Italy for a period of 5 years. As practice shows, it means a ban on entry to the Schengen area.

"According to our information, 47 people were detained for identification and 14 people were arrested. All fans are young people aged 22 - 27," Belarus Foreign Ministry spokesman Dmitry Mironchik said.

The ministry also said that 47 people, who were detained, have received a 5-year ban on visiting football matches in Italy.

As practice shows, in fact, this prohibition applies not only to sporting events in Italy but also to entry to the Schengen countries in the coming years.

The court in Italy upheld the arrest of the 14 fans, but due to the fact that they are not a danger to society, the Belarusian citizens were released and allowed to leave Italy.

Some 61 Dinamo Minsk fans was arrested in Italy because of a fight two hours before the Europa League match against Fiorentina, which the Belarusian club won 2-1. 

According to Italian press reports, clashes began because the fans refused to go to the match by bus and began to damage property in the bar. Some of the fans had billies and smoke bombs.

The hooligans were detained. The staff of the Belarusian embassy immediately contacted law enforcement officials and one of the organizers of the fan group, who reported that the detainees did not have any complaints.