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Wiktorin: New Belarusian money easier for EU tourists to count

Belarusian banks have carefully studied the experience of a number of European countries in preparation for the July 1 redenomination, said Chairman of the Board of the National Bank Pavel Kallaur. The National Bank officials on July 5 met with the European Union delegation.

The parties discussed the possibility of cooperation in the framework of twinning projects. They are directed at assisting Belarus' Government in work to sync Belarus' legislation with that of the EU. This will affect a variety of spheres.

With regard to the redenomination, the National Bank noted that its preparation was very difficult but the outcome can be called successful.

Andrea Wiktorin, head of the European Union delegation to the Republic of Belarus:
Twinning projects are projects for exchange and co-operation, exchange of experience in areas of common interest. The delegation did not come to lecture or give advice. We want our neighbors to come closer to the European Union. You undertook redenomination; I have seen the new notes, they are in my pocket. I think that Europeans who come to you will be very happy, it will be easier for them to count. Your banknotes also depict architectural and cultural monuments. Therefore, on the one hand, this is easier to handle foreign currency. On the other, you popularize your architectural and cultural heritage.

Wiktorin: New Belarusian currency makes tourists' life easier