International fast food brands coming to Belarus


International fast food brands coming to Belarus

Minsk expects the emergence of large fast food chains, including global brands, which means serious competition for the existing market players. A significant reduction in the cost of renting premises should promote the development of public catering facilities.

Experts forecast changes in the restaurant business in Minsk in the next two years: small cafes and restaurants with weak brands will be replaced by well-known fast food chains.

International brands such as Burger King, KFC and Hesburger are coming to the market. In addition, the operators already working in Belarus are expanding their chains.

In general, new establishments in Minsk open frequently, but not all of them manage to successfully develop because of the deficit of visitors and lack of original ideas.

"The culture of consumption outside the home in Minsk is actively growing, but is still much lower than in Paris, Prague or Berlin. Minsk lacks democratic cafes with reasonable prices and dishes that are more elaborate than pizzas and hamburgers. There are very few eateries offering Belarusian cuisine," said director of marketing for the brand "Bulbash" Andrei Butovo.

According to him, only those establishments that switched to a competent pricing policy, have effectively established logistics and a strong brand will be developing.

This goes for both international networks and Belarusian operators, owners of cafes and restaurants. Especially because there are still niches in the market. The expert believes that fast food chains have the greatest prospects for development since they target people with low and middle incomes.