Belarus third in Oberhof relay


Belarus third in Oberhof relay

The Czech Republic won the women's biathlon relay at the Biathlon World Cup in Oberhof, Germany. The Czechs were 9 seconds ahead of France.

The Belarusian team put up a spectacular performance. Stable Nadezhda Skardino did not miss once and was fourth at the first stage, 8 seconds behind.

Anastasia Duborezova completed her stage in sixth place with a minute gap from the first place.

Nadezhda Pisareva passed the first half of the race well but was not so successful in the second shooting and had to go for one penalty loop.

Darya Domracheva began her stage in tenth place.  Ukrainian biathletes were in front by that time. The three-time Olympic champion quickly began to shorten the gap and missed only once at each shooting range.

After the standing stage Domracheva took sixth place, behind Norwegian Tiril Eckhoff and Italian Karin Oberhofer. Ukrainian Irina Varvinets was 39 seconds ahead of Domracheva.

The Belarusian immediately outpaced the nearest pursuers and started chasing the Ukrainian, showing a brilliant performance in the last lap.

A hundred meters before the finish, the leader of the Belarus national team came in third place and gave Belarusians the second consecutive podium in relay races.